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Welcome to the Arts Pages. Here you'll see a showcase of all the different pieces I've created from long ago to now.

I also sell prints of some of the best pieces. Want to check that out? Click on the link directly below. Otherwise take a digital stroll through the Gallery!

Current Events - Califia Mural

Commissioned by a Client that is looking to make her home a very creative space. They let me take the reins and paint a Mural on a subject of my choosing. I decided to go with a Tribute to California. The overall mural will feature some natural landmarks and animals found in California. At the center will sit Califia|Califa the Amazonian style Queen thought to be the reason for the name California. It has been an education painting on a textured wall but a rewarding one; as it has helped grow my knowledge on working on a difficult medium. Be on the lookout for future progress videos like this one.

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About the Background

Celebrating the past, present and future this background brings together just a couple of aspects of the work for this year and the years coming. The Surfer of the Cosmos is actually an updated digital painting from a mixed media illustration done over a decade ago. The Digital Tile background around him was just created Jan 2021. The Logo Stamp is also new. There's a lot to look forward to!

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