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Phoenix - In Memoriam

June 1st 2004 - April 29th 2017

Phoenix was in every sense of the word my best friend, my kid, my baby and my guardian. To say that I love him profoundly is an understatement. He lit up my world and opened my eyes to innocense, wonder, vulnerability, courage, loyalty and most importantly LOVE. To me he is a Legend that like his namesake must burn to ashes and be reborn. My greatest hope is that wherever he travels in his new form that he remembers and knows how much he was loved. How much he made me a better person. How important and influencial he was and will always be to my life. I dedicate this page on my website to him and his memory. As time goes by the page will grow full of photos and stories about him and his adventures, his challenges and his unwavering devotion to be everything I ever wanted from a best friend. I Love You Phoenix, this one's for you!

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