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Welcome to the Photography Gallery. Here you will see featured some of the best photographs; whether Originals or Image manipulations that I've worked on. 

The overall focus has changed. You won't find every photograph I've taken. You will now see Only those photos I've deemed worthy of showcasing. With Each filter getting their own chance to shine. 

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Otherwise, enjoy the showcase! 

The Originals Arc 1

Originals Feature

For this first feature we go back to a visit I made to a zoo. This Young Lady was getting her shower and she was loving every second of it. She was so relaxed she just closed her eyes and let the water flow on down. 

Now as much as I enjoyed zoos in my youth my views on them have evolved. I much prefer animals to stay in the wild rather than in man made enclosures. Though the need to protect those souls that can't due to injury I can see the reason for housing them.

Creatures like these deserve better than what we've done for centuries and my hope is that we grow as a society to be able to live and let live.

61. I Dream II logo.jpg

Originals Gallery

This Gallery will show the first 100 Photos in the Originals Arcs

It will be constant and never changing

Some things in life should be consistent


Travelers Feature

I truly enjoyed my visit to the little town of Locke. 

It's a real, old town with a lot of interesting history.


It's been around since the 1800s. Has burial grounds from the Original People of the Northern Continent. As well as the settlement that is now known as Locke ir Locke Historic District.


Want to find it on a map? Type this in



Walnut Grove, CA 95690 

20. Locke logo
20. Locke logo

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19. Locke Logo
19. Locke Logo

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3. Locke Logo
3. Locke Logo

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20. Locke logo
20. Locke logo

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18. Locke Logo .jpg

Travellers Gallery

This Gallery will change as I visit new places. 

So much to see means a lot to share

Come back and visit sometime!


Explorer Feature

Mount Shasta

What can I say about this beautiful Mountain?

This 14,000+ ft  Volcanic Mountain is a great place to head for a weekend or more. You can hike up the mountain, though depending on your experience and fitness level you way want to check which season is best to go at. I went during the warmer months and found the climb up to be a good exercise in endurance. Reached about 10,000 feet before we decided to come back down. Next time it's to the top!

Want to go there? Try this code!

CR54+W2 Mt Shasta, California

54EX Uphill Peaks logo.jpg

Explorer Gallery

With all the wilderness this world has to offer

there's not a chance this Gallery wont have something new to see in the future.

So definitely come back to see what's next!

B.C. [ Before Color ]

B.C. Feature

Have you ever been to Fort Point?

It's a cool Historic Site. It used to be a Naval Fort from the Civil War era. It's open to the public. Great views of S.F. and the Golden Gate Bridge, which the Fort stands under.

There's several Cannons; as well as rooms showing how men lived there. 

Want to go? Type this into Maps

Long Ave & Marine Dr, 201 Marine Dr, San Francisco, CA 94129

10. B.C logo.jpg

B.C. Gallery

This is one of those Never Changing Galleries.

The first 100 are showcased in the B.C. Filter.

B.C. stands for Before Color in this Photographic Universe


Ince Gold Feature

This photo was taken on a drive up Mount Vision

This was an accidental find; that I've only stumbled onto twice. I believe this was the first time up. Luckily I had my camera with me because the combination of morning fog and sunlight made for some truly beautiful photos. the atmosphere was so serene I didn't want to leave.

want to stumble onto it yourself? Type this into Maps

Mount Vision, CA 94937

71. Inca Gold logo.jpg

Inca Gold Gallery

This is one of those Never Changing Galleries.

The first 100 are showcased in the Inca Gold Filter.

I was born in Peru so it's only natural I name this filter after the Incas.


MARS Feature

The Palace of Fine Arts is a beautiful piece of Architecture

Great place to go for a walk early in the day or late in the evening. I say that because usually it's swarming with tourists. Plan your visit with that is mind. There's parking all round it and there's usually spots available.

Want to go there? Type this into Maps

3601 Lyon St, San Francisco, CA 94123

1. MARS logo.jpg

MARS Gallery

This is one of those Never Changing Galleries.

The first 100 are showcased in the MARS Filter.

I was into Mars before everyone else was, just saying. 


Venus Feature

I love going to the beach and seeing the ocean

Walking along the shore and listening to the ocean is one of my favorite things to do. 

Occasionally along the rocks you can find some very interesting forms of life; like these little guys. 

24. Venus logo.jpg

Venus Gallery

This is one of those Never Changing Galleries.

The first 100 are showcased in the VENUS Filter.

Where there is Mars there's Venus seems only right


Oceanus Feature

The occasional trip to a local park can yield pleasant views and interactions.

this particular Swan looked back, turned around and decided to hiss at me. I still managed to capture its beauty.

66. Oceanus logo.jpg

Oceanus Gallery

This is one of those Never Changing Galleries.

The first 100 are showcased in the Oceanus Filter.

The green spectrum is the largest on the photo editing apps

that can be a curse and a blessing intertwined.

Solar Ash

Solar Ash Feature

I'm the kind of person that will get taken by almost anything.

The right texture at the right time can become an added image for the collection. 

This was just a bench along the San Francisco Piers.

39. Solar Ash logo.jpg

Solar Ash Gallery

This is one of those Never Changing Galleries.

The first 100 are showcased in the Oceanus Filter.

How do I come up with these names?

They generally reflect an interest of mine. Astronomy and the Universe are one of them.


Sea Ice Feature

I love flowers

finding them in the wilderness is a gift. I enjoy having plants and flowers in my home always. they remind me that we are all a part of this world and that it's our responsibility to protect it.

13. Sea Ice logo.jpg

Sea Ice Gallery

This is one of those Never Changing Galleries.

The first 100 are showcased in the Oceanus Filter.

Each filter brings out different details or aspects of a photograph. It's fun to tinker and discover them. Can you notice any differences as you see the same photo in a different filter?


Ink Feature

Animals are walking gifts of texture.

Apart from being wonders of nature of course. This beautiful tiger had just taken a dive for some meat and it came up to take a look at me. 

An endangered power, tigers along with many of the worlds creatures deserve our help and a chance at coexistence. We can do it, we can do the extraordinary.

257. Ink logo.jpg

Ink Gallery

Ink is a new filter

this Gallery will grow!

Come back to visit now and then ok?


Threa Feature

It's funny how you can have something worthwhile nearby and you never take interest until it gets close to time to leave.

It was only as my move away from my family was coming up that I decided to hike Mount Diablo. It then became a regular hike for me until I left. Although, it's still on my list of places to regularly visit.

3. Threa logo.jpg

Threa Gallery

Threa is a newer Filter

So there will definitely be more added to this slider gallery.

Come back around soon!

Olde Town

Olde Town Feature

Another one from my visit to Locke

This time in the Olde Town filter

4. Locke  ot logo.jpg

Olde Town Gallery

Olde Town is a new filter

still working out its permanence so we'll see

Ins 2018

Ins 2018 Feature

during 2018 I felt comfortable enough in my position at work to leave for walks on my breaks.

When you have 30 to 45 minutes you can cover a lot of ground. So I had fun just taking in San Francisco and its menagerie of architecture. 

From the turn of the Century buildings to the new glass behemoth that seem intent on erasing any charm the city once had.

This building is an older one, and it struck me as something you would've seen in the film Metropolis. 

I2018 233 logo.jpg

Ins 2018 Gallery

I love this filter so much that I'll be featuring photos I took during and applying it to new photos that I feel benefit from it.

So be sure to check back and see what's new!

Ins 2019

Ins 2019 Feature

I love going on drives and exploring new areas.

I believe ths is in Southern California during a family visit. 

It's great to see snow; even in small quantities.

Ins 172 2019 logo.jpg

Ins 2019 Gallery

I enjoy this Filter so much that like the 2018 Ins filter I'll be applying this one to new photographs.

So definitely check back!

Ins 2020

Ins 2020 Feature

The pandemic that closed everything down on March of 2020 really put a stopper on the expansion of this particular filter.

sometimes all one had to look at was the sky.

which, truly, is not bad at all. The sky is beautiful.

10. Ins 2020 logo.jpg

Ins 2020 Gallery

This one is getting a second chance. I'll be adding photos now and then from 2020. The main focus was meant to be full color nature. So I'll be adding photos in that criteria.

Come and wander now and then


Unreal Feature

Here you've wandered into the world of the Unreal

Photo merging and manipulation. This is a fun section that will showcase things I've composited from my own photographs. I don't like using other peoples images to create my own. 

What's the point in going out to photograph everything that interests me if I don't use it as a resource library as well right?

6U. Bridge Through Nature Unreal

Unreal Gallery

This will never stop having new images added

So come back now and then to see what's new!