Every moment

There are moments where something you used to dismiss becomes interesting. Then it becomes a possibility. When that happens I take it and run with it. For example, I was painting a mural and mixing paints. Something about the colors and how they were mixing caught my eye. I grabbed my phone and took a photo of it. Like this!

Then I mixed more paints, again I'm interested; another photo. Soon enough, I have at least 15 photos that I take to transfer into my Studio work station. A few size adjustments and some hue adjustments and I come up with *Real Swirl* . This new Collection will be put on everything I have available at my online store.

Depending on any future mural projects this Collection may increase. Here's an example of how the Men's T-shirt looks.

Head over to the Online Store to see this and much more!

Thanks for reading ⭐

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