M.I.D.A.S. Tiles may be purchased in 3 Sizes. Please note - size differs based on printed media [Paper]
Small - 10" x 10" | 12" x 12"

Medium - 16" x 16" | 20" x 20"

Large - 20" x 20" | 24" x 24"

These are offered in different Media. There will be Photographic Matte | Fine Art Museum Rag. Each priced accordingly. They will each have a different Shipping method as well. 

31T 2020

Print Type
  • Handling

    Photographic prints tend to have a delicate surface and should be handled with care. Museum Rag Prints are even more delicate. A few things to note -

    * Constant rolling may create creases
    * Matte Surfaces may scuff easily


    In order to prevent any damage to the print please ask your local frameshop designer to use UV protective glass; as well as a Mat to separate from the glass. Glass can conduct moisture and over time damage a piece. If a mat is not your aesthetic then spacers may be the best option. 

    * I've had over a decade of experience in custom framing * 

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