Writing Titles PMA copy.png

The Novels 

       In this page I'll be featuring excerpts from the books I'm writing. Along with some background as to how everything came about. With ten novels and several side tales, myths and legends; There will be quite a few words to write and share. To join me on this journey    

The Poems

       A page dedicated to anything that rhymes or came to me at random times. This is an art I don't delve into often but when I do I emjoy it alot. So I'll be placing some of my best here. To wander into this journey

The M.I.D.A.S. Adventures

       This is where I have my travels, thoughts on life, and random ideas. It will cover the spectrum of my mind  and uncover the unpredictability of time. To fall into this journey


       A thing acquired over a long period of time, with a lot of jobs in between. I'll share here the things I've learned and things I will learn as time moves forward. To follow me into this journey