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Welcome to My Photography Shop & Gallery

This Focus page will have the main Original photos for viewing and purchase. It is under a reconstruction as the Photography section needed expansion.

There are now multiple pages; each with a different style and focus on photography

Check them out by clicking the titles below

enjoy the journey!

60. San Francisco [Original] - O60-SF mini.jpg
DigiScreen Sentient Titles.png

Featured Collection

DigiScreens - Sentient | Gallery | Photo Print Shop

Taking my photography to a different realm. I focused on monochromatic views

with a silkscreens style. selecting the brightest highlights and darkest shadows

pulling back the details to let the subject breathe a bit.

Hope you like these and other DigiScreens in the Photography Pages.

NY 2022 mini.jpg

The OGs

Welcome to the Original Version Gallery

82. Metal Arx [Original] - O82-MA Mini.jpg


Arquitectura | Gallery | Shop

One thing that can be said about the human race is that it has a real sense of design. We have created some of the most beautiful structures.

I get a kick out of seeing interesting buildings from skyscrapers to keyholes.

18. Textured Madera - TIG [Original] - O18-TM-TIG mini.jpg

Textured Madera 

Textured Madera | Gallery | Shop

I love trees and nature; and at times I can get transfixed on a texture or pattern I see in the bark or rings of a tree.

Here you'll see the ones I found the most of the most.

140. Inner Glow [Original] - O140-IG mini.jpg


Flora | Gallery | Shop

As I previously mentioned I love nature; flowers are no exception. I enjoy seeing and capturing them out on trips and to grow them at home.

These are the ones I captured and found most beautiful.

61. I Dream II [Original] - O61-IDII mini.jpg


Sentient | Gallery | Shop

The theme of nature continues with my absolute love of animals. Each unique and quirky just like us; with knowledge and feeling and innocence of primal instincts.

My visual safari.