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Discography Title words.png

Music sparked by life and observation

Pop | New Age | Instrumental | Orchestral | Singer-Songwriter


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Emotions and Thoughts

Written down to page

Rise to sound

Bending, Breaking bounds

Here you're in Discovery

of my growing Discography

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Shades of Gray was a poem turned song around 2006-07. It was part of two previous attempts at releasing my music.

In an Album called My varied states of heart and mind and Decade. 

Now I've re recorded and added more to the song in a way that I feel it's more complete.

Check out the OG Version below!

Home Dis Cover.png

Home was one of the first songs I wrote that felt truly complete when I finished it over a decade ago.

To me it still holds up after all this time.

Deep Sad Disc.png
TNS Disc.png
I wrote this song as the pandemic was just entering its first year. I had a conversation with a social media acquaintance whom had forgotten which day of the week it was. Our subjects wandered into how long we thought it would last; to which I replied there'll be no fun until next summer. 
As time went on and I kept working on the song I lost two family members to Covid. So the weight of the song increased and it grew in meaning to me. I watched the world show its worst aspects, it's carelessness. 
Looking at the distance and wondering when that next summer will be.
IJWTD Disc.png



Inner Beats

This was created while my voice decided to go out on me

since I couldn't sing all I could really do was encourage movement and what better way to move than to dance. Even if it's just tapping my foot to a beat.

These are all fairly long so they might even function as music to workout to. I know I've listened to them while running.

I hope you enjoy!

This album will be available to stream worldwide in 2023

IRHSH Disc.png
A song for the introvert in all of us.
Written during a time where the invites kept coming and my desire to go out was almost non existent.
You know when your Social meter has run out?
I get like that sometimes
J&T Disc.png

James and the Techiarchs is a story that I will be releasing in the future.

It's been in development for years and as such has had music created for it. 

I just remastered it and it sounds much better. In the future I will be recreating it entirely as it is one of the Lost Music pieces.

The original composition vanished due to a technical issue.

But the full audio remains. Enjoy it here before Worldwide release on April 26th.

Lilies & Roses Disc.png

Lilies & Roses was created some 16 years ago

an unfortunate tech issue deleted the original work

all I have left is the single audio file. 

It was a favorite of my grandmother so it has a special place in my heart

MDH Disc.png
In the Studio Cover mini.jpg

My time In the studio is had on inspiration
So many songs started by doing a play break in between creating a different song. 

These are the songs that I'm working on. 

Check them out!
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