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Music titles 2023.png
Music titles 2023.png
On the Cover Word Titles.png

The face in front | The layers beneath

The balance between thought and emotion is pivotal in creating a cover

imagine an image with texture, color, contrast encased in a square frame

that can tell a story - a Feeling - A motion

That's the journey the goal of the cover

Pop | New Age | Instrumental | Orchestral | Singer-Songwriter

On the Cover Words.png

What's placed upon the surface

Was built not in one instance

Nor in one single plane

In light and shadow

Thoughts and Divisions

Alliance of Decisions

A visual of Sound

Deep Sad - Depth of layers

Deep Sad Cover Titles.png


Creating a Cover that can convey what the song speaks to can be daunting
For Deep Sad I gravitated to textures that were broken, aged, and in the case of the rose - dying
I prefer to use my own photography when creating an image

However, I will credit my wonderful Husband with the photo he took of me

by putting each photograph in high contrast and using the highlights and shadows while blending them into my silhouette

Then it's all about choosing the right combination of colors. I went for Orange and Blue as they're counter emotions

All layered and combined they made a cover I'm really proud of

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